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235. Eco-Bulbs

August 23, 2011

Should really thank tumblr for this inspiration, if you’re following me you’ll know why. I really need to find a way of drawing fluffy realistic clouds somehow. If only you could do that with vectors… In other news, I bought this book last week and I’m hopefully getting it next week! SO EXCITED.

If there’s any style that inspires me more…

December 30, 2010

…it’s the illustrations of Nick La. Known by many and always popular, because he undoubtedly deserves it for the stunning detail and colour that goes into his drawings! The thing I love about his drawings is that you can see exactly what he’s done to complete it. And yet people (and I) can never get […]

Most nom-able post of 2010

December 27, 2010

I LOVE admiring cake/pastry art. The amount of work and control that goes into it is just…amazing. So amazing you don’t even want to eat it! And I’m not even talking about those elaborately decorated wedding cakes or anything either…even a simple croissant or palmier can look absolutely DIVINE if they’re made right. I just […]

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