March 1, 2013


Yay I finally have time to blog again! I drew the above last week. We’ve had to do heaps of homework lately so I’ve been pretty busy but I really wanted to do something with a lot of sparkles and STUFF. This was actually based on a sketch I did ages ago:


I actually have a few similar sketches somewhere, I just don’t think I’ll ever use them again, haha.

So yeah I don’t really have much else to say other than working out the colours and composition in this was hard as usual  :sweat: I learnt a bit about composition the other week actually and it’s definitely given me some insight into my drawings which I think have been pretty passive so far. The right hand corner is always stressed as the active corner and isn’t something I really thought of, but will definitely think of using in future! Whenever I start drawing something I always imagine it as a tangible thing…so I guess that’s why a lot of my drawings end up looking like poster prints or something similar.

I’m kinda in a bit of an art block at the moment…..I’ve started at least three drawings and they’re all still in the sketch phase.  T__T I don’t like leaving them so messy but I can’t really visualise anything at the moment, and they all look like crap in my head already anyway. I think overthinking the colours and the composition is really starting to do my head in :uhh: Oh well…I’m sure some inspiration will come eventually  :S  :heh: