Drink the Sky

November 19, 2012

Drink the Sky

I’ve been drawing a lot of clouds recently, some of which are above! This drawing is just one of the things I’ve been working on lately, and I’m actually pretty happy with how it turned out. It might not be the most detailed or the most technically amazing but when I look at this, it’s just me. The concept is actually quite old, I used it in a spread from dotdotdash a few years ago. I really wanted to redo it though, so one day when I was feeling a bit inspired I just drew.

I finished this late at night so the birds are kinda just…there….which I might fix later…ha..ha..but working around the negative space was kinda challenging. In the end I settled for shapes which resembled clouds. I love the contrasty line between the black and the sky though. :D I’ve been obsessed with using sparkles and stars in everything these days too. They just make everything look so much better *-*

In other news, I am currently helping Cam redesign his website! Which is taking a while…but it’s all coming along pretty well I think. I’m also working on another web/graphic design project for an upcoming movie release which is pretty exciting! I can’t say too much yet but for a movie that’s been filmed and made in Perth…I think it’s pretty awesome.

BTW, does this site load slow for anyone else…or is it just me? Please let me know, I am seriously thinking about changing webhosts…>_> Loading my blog admin page alone takes FOREVERR.