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July 26, 2014

Finished this concept last night round ~5:30!  :( I just don’t like leaving things unfinished, especially if it’s something personal. :<

This looks a lot different to the WIP I posted on my facebook; I wanted to use more colour and I found this neat trick on tumblr on how to get a colour palette from MS Paint. It’s pretty handy!

Anyway, the mazes are pretty dodgy but I think they’re still legible…right? Haha. I don’t usually work with so much pastel all in one drawing but this was a fun experiment and it was nice to do something a but different.


July 24, 2014


A random concept I finished today! I had a hard time with colours………..and it’s still annoying me. Ah well.

I’m in that phase where I just want to draw non stop….it’s a pretty awesome feeling. Especially when I’ve been feeling so uninspired and lazy lately; I really need to snap out of holiday mode.  :sweat:


July 21, 2014

InfiniteSo this started out as another sketch I was going to watercolour, but decided to do digitally instead. I’m glad I went the digital route with this now because I don’t think I could’ve done this traditionally (in the way I imagined anyway).

I’m quite happy with how the golden yellow turned out in this – I was going to go with a typical red and black colour scheme but decided that was too mainstream.  c:

In other random news, check out my new swatches I got from the local hardware store.  B) Yeah I probably looked like a weirdo raiding the entire shelf but it was free and I figured it would be useful for colour scheming. Pooh ball’s watching over them all  :P


Actually, the whole reason I went to the hardware store was so my bf and I could make some shelves off the side of my bookcase.  :D They turned out so cute and I now have a dedicated space for my watercolour stuff! I’m just annoyed the brand decided it would be a good idea to attach (rather, GLUE) their barcode stickers on to the brackets so it’s virtually impossible to peel off. I don’t get it, like this is obviously a product which will be used for decorative purposes, and yet they go with some cheap ass sticker labels that cheapify the brand. Not cool.  >x< Shelves


July 18, 2014


I was going to do this in watercolour today, but decided to do it digitally instead. I really like using strokes and lines at the moment, although I drew this concept quite a while ago. Feels good to actually finish it! Based off the robot I drew ages ago (haha looking at this now I really want to redraw that piece too >_>)

I have a whole heap of other concepts to render, I just can’t decide if I want to do them digitally or traditionally…I’m kinda having too much fun with this style at the moment.

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